New Covenant Christian Church / Alpha Omega Ministries
Disciples of Christ
Pastors Terrence Hughes an Reginald C. Holmes

Terrence Hughes

Ministerial experience and community affiliations

 I am the founder and Senior Pastor of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a non-denominational church and out-reach, established in 2011. 

Prior to establishing Alpha and Omega Ministries I have served my former church Free Indeed Deliverance Ministries in the following capacities.

  • Assistant Pastor,
  • Assistant Church Administrator
  • Head Deacon
  • Chief of Security
  • Armor Bearer
  • Men’s Ministry President

I am the Director of Brother Jeff’s Community Health Initiative, where I run the HIV/AIDS Grass Roots Initiative.  There we outreach to high-risk populations of African Americans and conduct HIV/AIDS groups. 

Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center, I am the Logistics Manager, organizing conferences, rallies, marches and community festivals.

 I am the past Board Chair of the Governor appointed Colorado Advisory Council on AIDS (“CACOA”)

 Due to my work in the community at Brother Jeff’s I have relationships with a host of community organizations.

 Experience and History with GMDMA (ie, positions held, programs initiated, service provided, etc.)

 I have a long history as an with the GMDMA.  Due to work related issues, my participation was limited to an Associate membership.  Even though I did not have voting privileges, I made it a point to be at the table when possible and supported the administrations of Past presidents:  Apostle Leon M. Emerson in 1997, thru the offices of Dr. Demmer, Dr., Simmons, Dr. Holmes, Dr., Burleson, Dr. Beechum, (I did not attend meetings under Dr. Perry due to work issues and location of his church).

 I became a full working Active member under President Apostle Leon Emerson in 2011

Reginald C. Holmes

      Personal Profile

Date of Birth: July 26, 1955 in Stuart, Florida
Children: Julian,(Nikki) Daryl, Justin, Jeremy and Carlen
Parents:  The Late John and Willieva Holmes
    Siblings:  Linda Smith, Theresa Jackson, Sandra Pinckney

Grandchildren: Daryl (Jr.) (Diamond), Dre’Shawn, Da’Nasha, Nicholas
Great-Grandchildren: (Twins) Shawn & Ariah (Daryl & Diamond)

     Educational Profile
  • College: Graduated, Bachelors of Science Degree, 1978, Indiana University, Bloomington, In.
  • Seminary: Graduated, Masters of Divinity Degree, 1988, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis,
     Religious Profile
  • Confession & Baptism: Mount Calvary Baptist Church, 1967, Stuart, Florida
  • Called to Minister: Light of the World Christian Church, 1984, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Called to Pastor:   Park Hill Christian Church, 1988, Denver, Colorado (Park Hill changed its name in 1997 to New Covenant Christian when it moved to new location)

     Ministry Profile

  • Denominational Service:  Served as Chair of the Committee on the Order of Ministry (CRMR)
  • Served on the Board of the Division of Higher Education
  • Served as Chair of the Ministry Commission (Central Rocky Mtn. Region)
  • Served as an Instructor for the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies - Denver/New Covenant
  • Past President of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance
  • Founder and President of the Family Advocacy and Crises Education Intervention Team (FACEIT)

    Community Awards & Service

  • Served as Chaplain for Served as Chaplain for Colorado State Senate and House of Representatives
  • Served on the Collaborative Decision-Making Board of the Denver Public Schools
  • Awarded "Pastor of the Year" (1992 and 1998) by the Colorado Gospel Music Academy
  • Member of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance
  • Member of the Denver Interfaith Council
  • Served as Member of Board of Trustees Channel 12 (PBS) - Denver
  • Served as Member of Board of Trustees Apollo Charter School - Denver
  • Served as President of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance - 2003
  • Received honorary Doctorate from the California School of Ministry - 2004
  • Currently serving as Pastor of New Covenant Christian Church/Alpha Omega Ministries

Served as  Mem

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